- Payment to be made in advance in full.
- Refund requests will not be entertained. At our discretion we may give refund credit.
- Leads are sold only to companies and not to individuals or consultants. We also reserve the right to refuse sale to companies on a case by case basis.
- Lead information should be used by the subscriber only for the purpose of own company use. Sharing of lead information outside company is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to suspend subscriber account and blacklist the subscriber company if such a incident is brought to our notice. No refunds will be given in such cases.
- In case of cheque bounce, the customer is expected to clear the due along with bank charges. Failing which, we reserve the right to black list and to initiate media and/or legal proceedings.
- We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions without giving any notice or reason whatsoever.


- ERP India does not guarantee the authenticity or seriousness of the person or the information. ERP India will in no way be held responsible for any mis-representations or mis-interpretations.
- Any requests to divulge more information about the lead (other than what is displayed on the web site) will not be entertained.
- Only after the payment is received and realized, ERP India will send the complete information about the lead by email. We reserve the right to make exceptions. There may be a 48 hours delay after realization of payment for processing.