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One of the key activities that are involved in selecting the right ERP vendor for your organization is getting and checking references of organizations where the ERP solution has been successfully implemented. This will give you confidence that the solution is somewhat stable and mature. You should not be the one on which the vendor experiments in building their product. Here are some tips for this activity…

-          Get atleast two references from each vendor
-          References should be from similar type of businesses as yours.
-          References should be from same state or region in which you are located
-          Preferably check the references yourself
-          Check if the reference is genuine. Make sure you are speaking to a person in the user company.
-          Check how long it took for the ERP to be implemented
-          Check overall satisfaction level of the reference
-          Check if any unplanned costs came up during and after the implementation
-          Check how the vendor is handling requested enhancements to their product. That is how quickly they are doing the modification and for what cost. Enhancements are not bug fixes, but to customize or improve existing functionality.
-          Check if the vendor is maintaining a serialized version of their ERP product. Like 1.0, 1.1, etc. If so are they providing upgrades free or at a cost
If the vendor is specializing for your type of business, the above can be relaxed to some extent